Email Requirements

The course will  use email as its primary method of communication between all participants. 
Separate email accounts are required for -
  • Adult staff, Youth staff and Youth staff parents
  • Participants and Participants parents
  • Unit leaders

At all times, course adult staff will provide courtesy copy email whenever a youth staff or student is emailed by an adult. 
There will be times when the course will want to communicate directly with youth parents without the youth being involved so a separate account for the youth will be required. Free GMAIL accounts are sufficient. 


The course will open a private Facebook page for participants, staff, all parents, and unit leaders. ​During the course, video and photos of the course activity will be shared on the Facebook page. The course director / representative will approve all Facebook access.

Participants will not be required to participate in Facebook as a requirement of the course. However, it will be the primary medium for distribution of course photos and video. 

Cell Phones

The course staff will use Smartphones to enhance / support the course. All staff will complete the BSA Cyber Chip program. Course attendees are welcome to partake in course communications using Smartphones if they have completed the Cyber Chip program. Unit leaders will be asked to confirm they youth completion of Cyber Chip.