What is National Youth Leadership Training - NYLT?

The NYLT course simulates a month in the life of a troop. It is a six-day course, usually held at a council camp or other outdoor setting. It reinforces and expands upon Be-Know-Do leadership. Scouts learn a number of leadership skills and concepts summarized on the memory tips card. The youth learn about the stages of team development and how to match the most appropriate leadership style with the developmental stage of the individual or team. The course has many challenges for the youths, including its culmination where they undergo a quest for the meaning of leadership, which they then present to the entire NYLT troop.

The NYLT course has Eight Key Elements

1. A Month in the Life of a Troop
2. Four Stages of Team Development
3. Leadership Requires Vision, Goals, and Plans
4. Toolbox of Leadership Skills
5. Consistent Leadership Modeling
6. Scout Oath and Law
7. Have Fun!
8. Traditions